Carbide Burs

Raw material
Smedent produces two kinds of carbide burs: one-piece and two-piece. The carbide Smedent use is Austria-made, with high-hardness, high-purity and high-wearability. The stainless steel we use is Japan-made, with high-hardness and high-tenacity, which prevents the bur from breaking and bending during use.
With the outstanding high-sharpness, high-concentricity, and high-precision, the carbide burs we produce are compatible with all varieties of hand-pieces.

Technology and equipment
For each procedure, we are equipped with high-precision production devices, such as high-precision grinding machine, fully-automatic welding machine,etc Apart from these, we purchased ten latest 6-axis CNC machines from Swiss. We also use full-series patented dental burs production software, to ensure the quality of our products.

As per the function, Smedent carbide burs are mainly categorized into three types:
1.Carbide burs for clinic: FG, FG surgical, FG short, and RA.RA Surgical. Perfect for crown preparation, cavity preparation, inlay/onlay preparation, laminate preparation, trimming and finishing.
2.Carbide burs HP and carbide cutters for laboratory.
3.CAD/CAM milling burs: compatible with all kinds of CAD/CAM milling center. With high-precision and high-hardness, the burs are perfect for milling materials such as Zirconia, Titanium, Wax, PMMA, Resin, etc.

Quality control management
To ensure the production quality, we Smedent strictly control every procedure during production. In terms of raw material, we purchase the finest from Austria and Japan. During both front-end and back-end production, we apply anti-pressure testing method to test the strength of the welding part. We set the allowable tolerance range value and use fully-automatic digital laser detector to check the products.

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